Watch the DX7 Digital Print Plotter video

Plotter Bannerjet 5′3″ or 5′11″ with 1 head epson DX7

1440 nozzles with 1440 dpi, result of high resolution

Print area: 1,60m or 1,80m (check price)
Head DX7 - 1 units - R $ 6,300.00 each
Ink: 4 Inkone colors - High durability
Made to produce 24 hours a day
Speed: 86.11 to 269.09 ft2/hour
Resolution: 1440DPI (request sample)
Rip Software: Original Photoprint
Take up - included media collector
3 heaters (included heaters)
Wood sanding
Modern finish

Robust structure, automatic cleaning station

4 colors that result in a differentiated contrast with vibrant colors

Side windows for easy maintenance

Suction pump same as solvent machines

Produce more with your fingerprint plotter

Numerous possibilities of application


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