See the cutter plotter video

Cutting plotter with laser sight

With original Flexi Software, possibility of reduction of workmanship and precision in cutting the contour of adhesives

The Bannercut model brings alignment accuracy

The perfect combination to finish the work of your fingerprint plotter

Cutting area: 60cm / 1.20m
indicated for advertising, gifts, signage, decoration, handicrafts, etc.
Speed: 650-500mm/sS
Made to produce 24 hours a day
Connection: USB serial
Cutting force: 0.52-17,63oz
Software: Original Flexi starter
Pen and 3 needles included
0.005mm precision
Memory capacity of 128Mb and 38.4K / 56K transmission
AC90 ~ 240V / 50HZ-60HZ
Micro-step driver
1 year warranty, installation remotely


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